We have a few various holographic tint, finish options we can apply to your passes. Below, you will find stills and videos of each option, for your viewing, to get an idea of what those look like if used on your passes.

We've provided these on both dark, and light colored backgrounds so you can see the impact it has when affected by both values.



Our most popular holographic option: the streams of light hologram offers a sleek, high-end holographic look while maintaining great legibility for text. The lack of geometric pattern provides high contrast reflection, with a stunning pop of light-reflective color.


Our Seamless Rainbow has a nice, even treatment with a subtle holographic overlay, making reading of underlying text easy under various lighting conditions. Like the more intense Streams of Light, you can see a consistent gradation of color without any strong geometric influence.


Our cracked ice hologram provides a fantastic geometric overlay pattern for the passes. It is particularly complementary and stunning with gradient or solid colored backgrounds, where text is not as prominent a feature of the pass.


Micro Glitter passes, like the cracked-ice option, work particularly well with solid-colored backgrounds, or with gradient effects, where text is not as primary a focus of the pass. The multitude of color patterns make for very eye-catching passes, complete with an entire color spectrum.

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