(Please note: This is not the same thing as ordering variable data passes, where each pass is unique with a person's name, job title, or other unique information on them. To place an order like this, please see this article instead.

Many people would like to order multiple groups or segments of passes such as VIP, All Access, and Media with different quantities of each, like the below example.

We can handle orders with multiple designs without trouble in our online uploader! This can be accomplished with any shape, style, and size pass, as long as all of the artworks are for the same size pass.

The first 5 iterations or versions of artwork are included in the price of your passes at no additional charge. After the 5th artwork change, there is a flat $10.00 fee for each additional artwork version.

Here's how to do that, step by step!

Step 1:

On question number 3, "Will every pass have the same artwork?," select, "No"

  • NOTE: If you have one style of pass (ie. VIP), but the front and back are different artworks, just click, "YES." The artwork for front and back of the pass do not have to be the same, but you are still ordering just one pass design.

Step 2:

Select how many different artworks you will want to upload.

Step 3:

Continue answering the questions about your order as you'd like to place it. For the quantity, input the TOTAL NUMBER of actual passes you'll be ordering, taking into account all of the artwork variations.

**PLEASE NOTE** Your order quantity cannot be updated beyond this point while uploading artwork, so please be sure your total number is correct before moving on to step 4.**

Step 4:


  • You will see a counter indicating which version number you're on out of the total you selected. (A)
  • Version title: Input the name of that version of artwork, ie. "All Access" (B)
  • Input how many of that version of artwork you'd like to order. (C)
  • Total quantity of remaining passes for other versions of artwork. (D)
  • Click "Next" in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to proceed to the next version of artwork to upload. (E)
  • Repeat until finished, and then proceed to checkout, or continue shopping.

That's all that's required to order multiple different designs of your passes!

Ordering this way will allow you to get a better price break on your passes, since you're getting pricing based on the total number of passes ordered, rather than segmenting each artwork into a separate order.

If we can provide anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know! We're here and ready to help when you write to us here!