Our website was designed and equipped to give you the exact pricing for any of your standard pass orders. No hidden fees, or unaccounted for costs involved!

A standard order includes anything where you'll be uploading your print-ready artwork from our standard pass sizes, but does not include custom information such as variable names, sequential numbers, or foil treatments added to specific portions of the passes.

To get pricing for your passes, you would just follow the steps here, below.

For a video walkthrough of how to place your order, click here!

Step 1: Click Product & Pricing

Select from Flush, Pouch, or Satin passes.

Step 2: Select your desired Pass shape

You will see the shape dynamically change to the left of the options, mimicking your selection.

Step 3: Select Pass Size

Step 4: Select how many variations/artworks

  • Select "YES" if every pass in your order will be identical. Front and back artwork can be different, but every physical pass will be the exact same.

  • Select "NO" if you have multiple segments of artworks, such as VIP, Backstage, All Access, and Crew, with different quantities for each version that you'll be uploading.

Step 5: Select a lamination finish

  • Clicking the "i" will show examples of each finish option available with a standard order.

Step 6: Select a punch style

Clicking each option will display what the pass would look like with that punch style.

Step 7: 1 or 2-sided printing

  • Front and back artwork can be different from each other at no additional cost. There is a flat $0.05 added to costs for 2-sided printing as opposed to 1-sided printing
  • 1-sided printing will have a blank, white back to the passes.

Step 8: Select production timeline for final cost

  • After selecting a production timeline, input your zip code to see estimated arrival times, and costs.
  • This cost is not included in the production cost, so you would add the shipping cost to the production cost displayed in the blue bar.

Custom orders with variable data or foil are subject to increased cost, and will have to be placed with a customer service representative by writing here.

For more of our general pricing questions, check out some of our other help articles here.