Placing an order with foil stamping is considered a custom order, and cannot be placed in our online store front. To place an order for foil stamping or inquire about cost, please write to one of our customer service representatives here.

In order to create a foil stamp on the passes, we have to have three distinct assets, outlined below. Examples for each asset are attached to this help article.
  1. A sample artwork that displays where and how the foil stamp should appear. (Attached example file 1. Foil Mockup Example.pdf)
  2. A "base" artwork that has the foil portion removed, which we will use for the actual final, printed passes. It should contain all other printed content. (Attached example file 2. Base Print.pdf)
  3. A vector pdf of just the foiled element, by itself in black. This should be in the same location as the foiled element on the pass, and should be the exact size the foiled portion will be after production. (Attached example file 3. Foil Vector PDF Shape.pdf)

Please note, foil stamp orders require 4-5 business days for production which cannot be expedited, in addition to transit time. It is important to take this production timeline into consideration when placing your order for passes to arrive by the intended deadline.

We can offer the following foil colors:

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