We do have an on-site design team who is capable of helping to design the passes if needed, but due to the time and skillsets utilized, there is an additional fee for these services as they are not included in our standard printing costs.

If you need help designing your passes, please feel free to reach out to our highly trained customer service representatives at sales@rockstarpasses.com, who will be able to help either explain the templates for the passes or set up a solution with our on-site design team who can help create the artwork you're requesting.

With all design requests, we will need any logos, artwork, and specific job requirements sent to us, so we can provide your passes as closely as possible to the way you imagine them!

For more information about our products, check out our commonly asked product questions or write to one of our highly trained customer service representatives at sales@rockstarpasses.com. We'll be happy to help however we can!