We do not have any standing discounts at RockStar Passes, but do our best to keep our pricing as competitive and customer-friendly as possible without sacrificing any quality in the process. 

You will notice we don't have set price breaks for our passes. That's because with each subsequent pass you add to your order, the cost per pass goes down! At RockStar Passes, we don't believe you have to hit a certain volume quantity before you see a discount in pricing.

It is our mission to treat every customer with the same care and respect, regardless the size of their order or their existing knowledge of the pass-ordering process. We aim to make our prices as affordable as possible to everyone, every day, with the best customer support on the street. 

Please check out our online price calculators or feel free to reach out to our highly trained customer service representatives at sales@rockstarpasses.com, who will be happy to discuss the best ordering options for your specific needs.

We will be happy to find any ways possible to reduce production costs and make ordering as seamless and efficient as possible.